Spirit Craves Beauty

Spirit craves beauty.

First, then, is to create order and beauty around the writing space.

I write from a studio tucked away on the viewless side of the house. I don’t see the mountains from my windows, or the storms rolling in across the valley. I do see chickens at practically eye level as they scratch in the mulch outside my screen.

The dog comes by my window when he wants in. Bending down to peer at me, he requests that I pause in the midst of inspiration, and rise, and let him in.

My beauty is chickens, and the beloved ears of my king shepherd, and the trails of pothos down the bookshelf. My beauty is the found things, antlers and deer skulls that watch over me like muses.

What is your beauty? Fill your space with your beauty, not mine. Create a place that fills you, and that will be a place where you can write.

To any who tell you that you procrastinate, tell them that clean floors and flowers are not negotiable. Chickens and photographs and loved art are not negotiable.

Bring your spirit home.

–Excerpted from Tapping the Well Within: Writing From Your Source of Effortless Creativity, Deep Wisdom, and Utter Joy, coming in March from Balboa Press.


About Alix Moore

Alix Moore is a soul healer, a soul teacher, and a powerful channel for the wisdom and healing of the Archangels. She is passionate about helping lightworkers learn and heal so that they can fully embody their god/dess selves and fulfill their missions to serve and support the evolution of planet. Connect with Alix at www.yoursoulstruth.com
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5 Responses to Spirit Craves Beauty

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    My Space of Love includes all of my house, my quintal (larger yard) and the floresta behind. Each space is cared for with love and infused with healing energy. Little spaces for sitting and just Being are scattered like rose petals in the wind. You are right that we must create these spaces of love to feed our souls and to share with others. Thank you for your thought filled words. hugs, pat

  2. Becca says:

    I so agree with you and Pat, my soul sister! Sacred space is essential for nurturing our spirit … my spirit has become a sponge – craving all that once was so dear, but lost for some reason … it is awakening more and more, and trying to make up for lost time. My four-legged children with fur, my photography, my journey and my watercolors are no longer negotiable!!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Alix Moore says:

      That is so fabulous. So much light comes into our lives when we stand firm in our truth and allow ourselves to have what we need. I’d love to see your work. Post a link or an excerpt if you so choose.

      • Pat Cegan says:

        Alix, you can see Rebecca’s wonderful water colors and Haiku on her page on my blog. She is also an animal communicator. I know her online only but have grown to love her courage and wit. She is a remarkable woman.

      • Becca says:

        Oh, thank you, Alix! Yes, as Pat stated … you can find some of my Haiku and a few of the watercolors posted under “Rebecca’s Renderings” on Pat’s Source of Inspiration – side bar! She has been so kind to include me in her blogging endeavor … Enjoy!!

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