The Wisdom Poems


The Conscious Living Guide Wisdom Decks

These poems were inspired by the cards of Christine Agro’s Wisdom Decks.


Support is the trellis

Put forth for the fragrant

Rose to climb

You be the trellis

Or the rose

Or be, in fact,

The Divine gardener



Patience is the turtle

Slow-stepped across the road

Ancient messenger of the

Ancient gods

All things in their own time




 The courage to be a submarine.

The courage to see,

And also to be seen.

The courage to step into

The dream



Guidance is knowing

My hand is always on the wheel

–and so is Mine.



Expand is the breath of gladness,

My soul dancing the tango

In sparkle shoes that fit.



Meditation is

The bubble bath of life

Irresistibly fragrant

And cleaning



Joy is

The sparkles that ride

The top of the ocean

Orgasms of wind and water

In a bed of light



Intuition is

The siren call of our own Spirit

Singing us home;

A compass needle that always points

True Light




An out-of-focus camera lens

That sees all with love

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2 Responses to The Wisdom Poems

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Alix, these are truly wonderful. As I read each one, I thought, ok, I like this one best. Then my eyes passed to the next and I thought, Wow….surely this is the one I like best. Only to be fooled by the next and the next. Your poetry is a treasure…and a mirror of you, I expect.

    Jasmine blooms a lot outside my window and monkeys sing their sweet whistles. I meditate a lot! LOL


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