Would you like a mini-reading?

I work with a number of wisdom card decks. I am offering a free 1-card reading from one of the decks below to the first 11 people who connect with this email and ask for one. Just because it’s a snow day!

Just leave your name & request in a comment below, choose the deck or I’ll pick for you, and I will pull a card for you. I’ll tell you what it says, and also give you any specific messages I get for you.

Christine Agro

Doreen Virtue

Louise Hay

Cheryl Richardson


About Alix Moore

Alix Moore is a soul healer, a soul teacher, and a powerful channel for the wisdom and healing of the Archangels. She is passionate about helping lightworkers learn and heal so that they can fully embody their god/dess selves and fulfill their missions to serve and support the evolution of planet. Connect with Alix at www.yoursoulstruth.com
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54 Responses to Would you like a mini-reading?

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Pat Cegan … just because there is no snow! Did you get my questions about being available for your group?

    • Alix Moore says:

      Yeah– I emailed you about the group.
      Your reading will be along in a bit.

    • Alix Moore says:

      Hi Pat,
      I used Doreen Virtue’s deck Daily Guidance from the Angels. The card I pulled was Cleanse & Detoxify. Before I tell you what Doreen wrote on the card, here is what I got for you specifically.

      You are open to the voice of the planet. This openness is a gift but also a consideration. As you speak with the voice of the Light, be sure to keep your space energetically protected. Water, love, meditation, and high-vibration food are some things to consider that help to clear your space. You think of others; think also of yourself and the needs of your heart, spirit, and physical body.

      Doreen’s card speaks of the need to “detoxify your precious and sensitive body.”

      So there you go.
      In Light and Love,

  2. Becca says:

    Alix, we had a dense pea-soup fog day! Would love a mini reading …

    How about either: Doreen or Cheryl?

    Thanks ~~

    • Alix Moore says:

      Becca–you got it. Check back this aft or pm.

    • Alix Moore says:

      Becca: I pulled Doreen’s card FAMILY for you. This is what I got for you. Her card/my words:

      Family: The source of so much good and so much pain.
      This card is asking you to look at your family relationships—either family of origin or chosen family, and to see them in a new way. To see that each member of your family has agreements with you and that what is causing you pain may be simply what is needed for one or the other of you to grow and step more fully into the light.

      The angels want you to know that your family holds so much love for you, and that whatever you call God or the Universe also loves you greatly. If you choose to do so, you can carry this knowledge and this blessing in your heart as you walk the path you have chosen.

      Doreen’s card suggests you ask the angels for support with this situation.

      • Becca says:

        Thank you … very interesting and enlightening ~~ “family” (both of origin and chosen) is always an interesting and complex group entity unto itself! 🙂 It is often easier to work with chosen family than family of origin … both are important in our growth … and have an essential part of speaking our truth! Namaste ~~~

  3. k leen says:

    alix, would love to hear what Spirit has to say in a mini reading for me. thanks for being so generous with your time and energy.
    k leen

    • Alix Moore says:

      I’m happy to do it. Check back in a day or so (depending on how much ice we get tonight!)
      Blessings, and may all the lights stay on!

      • Alix Moore says:

        I plan to get to your reading later today, but in the meantime, there are already a number of posts about creativity. If you look in the sidebar to the right, and click on “creativity & writing,” you can explore them. The posts about writing apply to creativity in general. You may also want to check out the posts under “meditation,” as creativity and meditation are closely linked.

  4. Jacki says:

    Doreen Virtue

  5. Good Morning Alix! Will you do a reading for me please?

  6. Alix Moore says:

    The card I drew for you was expand. The message is this: that things are better for you right now than you are allowing them to be. Spirit suggests that you may want to take a look at places where you already know to how to be bigger and brighter than you are allowing yourself to be right now. Blow the fears out of your space as you would blow bubbles from the pipe of a bubble jar.
    The image of a child blowing bubbles shows up with resonance for you: to be a child and delight in the beauty of magical moments; to rely on transitory phenomena—things do not need to be permanent to be worthwhile; to create your own magic, be the author of your own joy. Spirit says you KNOW, the question is, will you allow yourself to BE.
    This message is sent to you with love. What you choose to do with it us up to you and only you.
    Light and love,

  7. Alix Moore says:

    I asked the angels what message they had for you at this time and what they said was: “She is wise.”
    I drew the card PLAY. The message is: DANCE SING LAUGH REJOICE, BE AS A CHILD IN LOVING THE SMALL THINGS. Find joy in daily routines, make time for yourself, slow down laugh a lot, pet the cats
    After all, what is life but play time? Think Romper Room.

    This message came to you today from the angels via me, with love. What you do with it is up to you and only you.
    Light and love,

  8. Alix Moore says:

    I pulled the joy card for you. Joy is not a thing that you can do, merely a state of being. In exploring the joy card, you may think of ways that you can practice BEING JOY, whether through meditation, walking the dog, sitting on the deck watching the sunset, or by the fire watching it dance. These images are just ideas: the message is that joy is a state of being. How might you find ways to be joy?
    This message is sent to you with love. What you choose to do with this information is up to you and only you.
    Love and light,

    • Thank you, Alix! I have had a lot to think about this week. Its been an emotional few days. Reading through your site and hearing my reading has helped me push through some. I have a lot of work to do on achieving Joy by just being. So difficult and painful at times. But I guess I know I am changing and I must keep moving through it all. I still have not tried the meditation but I will.

      • Alix Moore says:

        Hmmm-feels like a lot of effort in your space. Instead of pushing you could play with releasing the stuff you are ready to let go of. . . or just choose to do something you love. Are you making it harder than it needs to be?

  9. booguloo says:

    I would love a reading. Deck choice yours.

  10. Jacki says:

    Thank you! I do need to make time to play and take care of myself!

  11. k leen says:

    alix, your reading was spot on! i was just listening to some abraham/hicks videos last night, and it was said how Source/Universe/us are here to expand. those ideas really resonated with me, and now the next day Spirit is embellishing the expansion notion towards me, through your reading.

    thanks for the support and motivation. what you are doing, your poetry and guidance, is nourishing to us all.

    blessings and blissings,
    k leen

  12. Alix Moore says:

    You are welcome. And when I do a reading there is always a piece for me to hear, so the message was to me also–to remember to expand myself.
    Love and light,

  13. Alix Moore says:

    P.S. Michael, I haven’t forgotten you!

  14. Alix Moore says:

    The card I pulled for you was INTUITION. Intuition is our birthright. It is your birthright as well. Your deep inner knowing is available to guide you when you reach for guidance. No, it’s not just a woman thing. How else do you think the cave men knew where to find the animals they hunted?
    Your intuition is full of messages for you. Sometimes you listen, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you are sorry you don’t! What is it that your intuition is trying to say to you now?
    This is the information that came up for you when I pulled a card from Christine Agro’s deck. What you choose to do with this information is up to you and only you.

  15. booguloo says:

    I do See. Thanks. Starting to razor away the paint on the windows. A little sunshine at a time.

  16. Pat Cegan says:

    Alix, when you have time, may I ask for another? The issue at hand is what happened last Saturday a week ago. Am still processing that and perhaps a reading will shed some light on it. Thanks for your Love and Light in offering this to us. Hugs, pat

  17. Alix Moore says:

    Hi Pat,
    Ummmm, no.
    That was really hard to say. My intention for this space was to create a play space for people to experience my work, and for me to step out into this part of my path in a non-threatening way. Like eating one animal cracker instead of the whole box! So my intention was one per “customer.”
    Beyond that, I offer personal readings in private (email or phone) and for a fee. If that is something you want to do, drop me an email.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to more clearly define my boundaries on this.
    All my love,

    • Pat Cegan says:

      No problem, Alix. You win a prize for being able to say No to a friend. I need to learn that one and got lots of opportunities to practice it this week. Hugs, pat

  18. Alix Moore says:

    LOL! I looked at my initial post and I did leave it WIDE OPEN, didn’t I? I am laughing. So this was a piece of learning for me, big time! I am going to edit that post and then take a quick look at what you asked for and send it to you in private, as a big ol’ thank you!
    Light and love,

  19. Alix Moore says:

    Ok, I have clarified my intentions (and my post) to read for a total of 11 people in this playspace. That means there are 5 slots open for new people who would like a reading. Just drop a comment here.

    After this thread closes, I can already see the next one that I will open, and everyone can come back around and ask again, if they so choose.

  20. Alix Moore says:

    Well, I did think the lesson was a fair exchange for the reading, but either way. You offer me a safe space to grow in, so thank you.

    Yeah, I am just seeing what the path looks like for me. Part of it is writing, obviously, but part of it is reading and will be teaching, although I am not ready to do classes yet. I know we disagree about the fee thing, but I also know we can live with our differences as well as with our connections.
    All my love,

    • Pat Cegan says:

      Clones are boring. One can never say that you are boring! 🙂

      You are perfect just the way you are, cookie. Besides, distance makes most things easier. Write on! hugs, pat

  21. Alix Moore says:

    So, I went to feed the horses and –thanks for helping me keep my “no.” That offer was just me trying to wiggle out of having said it!!

  22. Pat Cegan says:

    Yes, I recognized that it was. I have spent all week forcing myself not to make “nice-nice” to the people to whom I said a long overdue, NO. But we are learning, aren´t we, Alix. Had a friend agree with me that we both needed to learn to say “No” more. Right after that, she asked me to do something that I absolutely did not want to do. When I reminded her of our pact to say, “NO,” she grinned and said, “But I didn’t meant to me!” I am getting better but not taking it off my Spiral Lesson yet, I am afraid. Thanks for the shared lessons and your friendship. Hugs, pat

  23. lonefairy says:

    Hi Alix, I’d love a reading from the deck you feel drawn please. I’m single and would love any messages regarding my love life. Thanks & Hugs,Lonefairy

  24. lonefairy says:

    Hi,I posted a comment a little while back.Posting another one in case it go lost. I’d love a reading please from any deck you feel drawn to .I’m single and would love any messages about my love life. Thanks & Hugs,Lonefairy

    • Alix Moore says:

      Hi Lonefairy,
      Come on out to my woods! Lots of other fairies out here:)
      For some reason both your comments came thru together. Happy to read for you–check back tonight or tomorrow night.
      Love and light,

  25. Alix Moore says:

    Dear Lonefairy,
    I pulled the card for you Focus on Service from Doreen Virtue’s angel deck.
    The message that came was this: I see you in a life of service to others, going through the world with your hands held out, lifting up those who are in need of help and not expecting anything in return. It’s not as if you need to be Florence Nightingale: these acts of service can be tiny and almost not even noticeable or they can be acts of succor. As I see you reaching out to others with no expectation of anything floating back in your direction, I see an attitude that releases expectation and that holds no attachment to outcome. This is a fertile field and this opens the door of your spirit to wondrous partnerships, romantic and otherwise. You are a blessing to Earth and those around you, dear. Never fear that blessings will also come you way.

    This reading is offered in love and light. The information may or may not resonate as true for you but it was truly and freely given. Do with it as you see fit.

  26. lonefairy says:

    Dear Alix, thanks so much 🙂 I have never really had any luck in my love life and I don’t know why .. I have often done tiny things to help others without expecting anything in return, just knowing it would bring them joy..I try to expect less from people so as not to get hurt as I’m very emotional.At times I still wish my dreams would come true too though and feel less like I’m struggling all the time. I hope you are right and blessings come my way too. Thanks again.

    Love & Light,


  27. Alix Moore says:

    Hmmm, Lonefairy, it seems to me that expecting less will certainly get you less. This is an interesting lesson to look at. I believe that all of our biggest soul lesson are like big, fat onions. We have to peel them and peel them and peel them until we get to the little green shoot of growth in the center. Sometimes it might feel as if it takes an entire lifetime to peel just one lesson down to its core. But it doesn’t have to.

    And the blessings don’t come from my seeing, they come from the truth of you.
    Light on your journey,

  28. Alix Moore says:

    PS And they can make us cry big fat onion tears, too!

  29. Alix Moore says:

    OK I am laughing. Maybe you could start with your username!! 🙂

  30. Claudia MARIE Rousseau says:

    Hi Alix….I do the Tarot cards but it is difficult to do a reading for myself. Would love to have you pick a card or two and let me know what guidance and insights come up for me….thanks….Claudia Marie

  31. Alix Moore says:

    Dear Claudia Marie,
    As I am away from home right this minute, I have no cards with me. I have mostly outgrown cards anyway. I did a three flower reading for you, in lieu of cards. Here it is with my blessing.

    The flowers that came for you were daisies. Daisy symbolizes openness, an open heart, guilelessness.
    The first daisy was TRAVELLING. Your spirit journey is moving and shifting. Ask yourself what are you being called to do? And then consider doing it. Travelling is within and without, deep down into and out into. It is one of the themes of this life moment for you. 1 fear is that you can’t do it alone and so you have to find or force a friend to join you: someone to come with you. This is a fear but not a truth.
    The second daisy is LOVE. Love wants to be the dominate energy of your life. How and when can you choose to be in the energy of love?
    The third daisy is COURAGE. Courage this lifetime is about finding the courage within to walk your own road under your own power.

    You have been blessed.
    All my love,

  32. Claudia MARIE Rousseau says:

    Daises have always been the flowers that have pulled on my heart strings. The wild daises were always picked in the fields of Michigan in the summer time when I was a child. Store bought daises were purchased every 2 weeks when I got my paycheck during a time when I was struggling with money, and supporting 2 sons on my own. There was no one then to buy me flowers so I gave them to myself….if I changed the water frequently they would somehow last for the full 2 weeks. It was about loving and nurturing myself. Every special occasion now, my grown up sons send me daises. So it is no wonder that the daisy came up in your reading. I have been asking myself what I have been called to do at this stage of my life. Your reading gives me much to think about. I always keep this prayer by my computer….”God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”….there is that word COURAGE.

    On the 19th of this month, I saw a painting of yellow daises and have been thinking of saving up my pennies to purchase it. I think that it would be a great addition to my writing room.

    I was also told by 2 different people this week that I “look and seem different” that I have “changed somehow”. I have felt a change coming myself but really do not understand it yet. I have felt that it is a good change but that I need to be patient and let the change come in its own time. My Tarot cards have also told me that there will be major changes coming…good changes…and that every thing will be OK.

    Thank you Alix….Claudia

  33. Alix Moore says:

    you are so welcome
    know that you have the wisdom to find the path
    all will be well

  34. melissa grantham says:

    id love a free love reading plz if its styll available my d.o.b is 29.07.87 l&l x

  35. Alix Moore says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for reaching out.
    I stopped doing free readings some time ago–but I see that I missed placing a notice on this post.
    I will pull cards for you later today–you will be the last one!

  36. Alix Moore says:

    Hi Melissa! Here is your reading.

    Melissa, the first flower I pulled for you is the poppy. In this case the poppy signifies abundance. Its deep red petals are open to the sun from which all energy flows to create life on earth. The poppy says that you are open to abundance in this lifetime and you just need to trust that it is there and let it flow into your physical and emotional life. All is well but you doubt that it is so.

    The second flower I see for you is a daisy. Daisy is carefree and relaxed, blowing in the wind and bathed by the sun. Daisy says, get grounded and then bloom. Without adequate grounding blooms are fragile and easily disrupted. Look to the physical surroundings—your house, car, leisure activities, to strengthen your grounding. Also the food you eat will either ground or unground you—especially alcohol. Consider limiting or avoiding all alcoholic beverages.

    The third flower I see is ivy. Ivy has roots so strong that it is almost impossible to pull it up from the ground. It grows low and hugs the ground. Ivy says to you that it is possible to be too tightly controlled and too connected to your past life. Loosen up a little. Let go. Trust.

    Love and light,

  37. Alix Moore says:

    This reading space is now closed to requests for new readings. Comments on old readings are always welcome.

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