Pain claims

your attention.

It asks you

to vote for change.

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5 Responses to Pain

  1. becca says:

    These days, I would “lovingly” refer to those sensations as “Growing Pains”! From which there are either lessons to learn … or time to let go and release the chains of bondage in order to fly! Both avenues of growth, are often difficult to put into practice, even with the correct mindset.

    Thank you for the simplicity of this thought provoking lesson.

    • Alix Moore says:

      Hi Becca,
      You’re exactly right. They are “growing pains.” I refer to them as growth periods. Lately, I seem to be leading with my head: every time I get a headache, there’s some piece I need to look at and move beyond.

      I really have to laugh. I’m an Aries. Guess going headfirst comes naturally!

      • becca says:

        And I am a Gemini – two splits in one … challenge to manage as ONE and both grow for the highest good!!! 😉

  2. Pat Cegan says:

    Alix, I haven’t learned how to say so much with so few words. I play with Haiku just to get a feel for this, but I think it takes courage to put the idea out there and then, shut up! I recently said to someone, “This situation is not acceptable. It has to change,” and then, Shut up! amazing for me as I usually feel obligated to explain forever, be sure they are not “upset,” get them to agree, etc. Ugh. I love your poem which I find thought provoking and especially powerful because of its brevity. Hugs, pat

  3. Alix Moore says:

    Thanks, Pat. Is it something about lightworkers and our need to heal that makes us so responsible for other people’s pain? That is for sure a dynamic that I am shifting. Too much effort in that space.

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