Time to Choose

I take a conscious living and clairvoyant awareness class  from Christine Agro. We work on our spiritual growth in the meditation space. Class on Monday night was powerful! This is the true story of what happened. 

“It’s time to choose again,”

you said,

“Your way has been littered with

growth stones,

and you’ve been tripping,

stubbing your toe or

your spirit. If you want

to go on, you might

say so.

This is

one of those times when you get

to choose.”


And there were

piñatas of pictures,

and inside them,


and I stepped forth naked

over and over

leaving behind mountains of memos to my old self.

I grew big,

and the pictures blew

like little litter

in the eddies around my feet.


And of course I chose


and I came to this place where

the gifts came to me.

One by one,

I was offered the crown and the scepter

of my rule of light.

Kneeling before me,

each Bringer of Light bespoke me.

“With this gift, the way will change.

It’s not that there is no

going backwards, you can

retreat, but it would not be easy.”

(Like riding Pegasus,

You can get up there,

But dismounting is a bit



“From now, going forward,”

They warned me,

“All will change.

There will be no place

To hide. Your light will grow

Beyond dissimulation,

And nothing

Will henceforward be the same.”


Each one spoke,

And each time, unafraid,

I took into myself

Their blessings:


Crown of knowing,

Necklace of light,

Girdle of grounding,

Bird of speech, and

Slippers of peace.


And I walked into my own light,

Each step tall, and clear, and bright.

And this I know: the ground

has indeed

entirely shifted beneath

my feet.

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2 Responses to Time to Choose

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Indeed there is no turning back and our lives will never be the same. I am grateful for this, for this adventure is so far beyond my wildest dreams that I still gasp with delight at every unveiling. Lovely poem with lots of old knowledge. Hugs, pat

  2. Becca Givens says:

    The journey on my path of spiritual growth has taken some curves as well as some ups and downs … but with each stumble, obstacle, and growth stone … there are lessons of Love and Light, peace, joy, more centering and grounding. The unveiling continues … as
    does the blessed path ~~

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