Wisdom In Running Water

What is it about taking a shower? I know I am not alone when I say that so many pieces of information have floated up for me while taking a shower. If I spend the morning writing and meditating, and silly me, think that I’m done and close the computer, I invariably get a new inspiration the minute I step into the shower, step outside to walk the dog, or head down the hill to feed the horses. Hmmm, I never seem to get amazing insights while doing housework, however. Wonder why that is?

This is what floated up today.

If I Am Seen


If I am seen by one person


–is that enough?

If I am seen by two people

(not including myself)

–is that enough?

If I am seen by twenty people,

is that enough?

If I am seen by a thousand people,

is that enough?

If I am seen by God, is

–wait a minute.

. . .

I am God.

. . .


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2 Responses to Wisdom In Running Water

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Ok, now I am laughing. This is really wonderful. So many layers.

    I have to agree that I never got an inspiration from washing a toilet. However, seated upon my throne, eliminating the “that which no longer serves me” part of my life, I frequently have conversations with my Guides as well as ah-ha moments. Guess getting rid of the what makes our life smelly, leaves room for inspiration to arrive. I asked my Guides if they didn´t think it was weird to talk to me so much in the bathroom. Guess it keeps me humble. hugs, pat

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