The Meditation That Changed My Life

Sometimes a teacher comes along with just the right tool: one that will change the student’s life forever, if he or she is courageous enough to pick it up and use it.

Such a tool and such a teacher came along for me, when I began to work with Christine Agro and learned her simple meditation tools. She learned those tools from her teacher, and so on and so on. What has been passed down to me is a very simple process, yet what it allows me to do is far from simple.  Here’s how it works.

Sit in a comfortable seat with your feet flat on the floor.

Pick a color of light, and attach that tube of light to the base of your spine.

Let the tube of light extend down through your body, through your chair, and down through all the layers of the building that you are in, until it reaches the center of the earth.  Attach the tube of light securely to the center of the earth.

Allow the tube of light to expand until it is as big around as your physical body. It should be as wide at the bottom as it is at the top.

On the tube of light there is a switch. Turn it on, and allow all the energy that no longer serves you to flow down the grounding cord (your light tube) until it reaches the center of the earth, where it can be recycled.

When you are finished meditating, imagine a huge golden sun above your head.  Fill this sun full of any energy that you would like more of in your space: peace, abundance, love—whatever you choose. Pop the sun and allow the energy inside to flow down through the top of your head. Let some of it run across your shoulders, down your arms and out your hands. Let the rest of it flow down through your body and out your feet until it surrounds you on the outside as well as it fills you on the inside.

If you come back to this meditation space at another time, simply release the old grounding cord and let it fall down into the center of the earth before you choose a new one.

I can’t tell you in the space of this post what this simple practice has done for my life. I wrote an entire book about it, which is due out in March.  Every poem you see on this site has been written from inside this meditation space. It is the place where I create, clear, renew, and connect with my own Divine wisdom. It is the place where I know I am god.

It might sound like I was trying to sell you something, except that this process is free. If it resonates, try it out, and see what it will do for you.



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