Neutral Space (1)


I come back to this space

As to an old friend for

An afternoon’s assignation—

Yet the lover is me.


I slide into this space of myself

An enormous pool

As spacious and neutral

As a city where no one is home.

Yet I am home.


I wander the streets of myself.

I sunbathe in a piazza empty even of pigeons

I gaze

At great horses ramped in bronze above a fountain

I step from sunwarmed stone into welcome water

I can

Swim with the ancient dolphins

Clad only in my ancient skin.

This is my place

And there is no one here to judge me.


I bend to sort the coins

That litter the fountain’s bottom.

These are my little wishes,

Flung like petals into the well of my intention.


From the fountain, I wander the streets to the market.

I choose succulent fruit,

Cool clothing,

And sink

Into siesta

Until I am ready


To awake


–From Tapping The Well Within

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2 Responses to Neutral Space (1)

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    I must say you had a fruitful Sunday, one more beautiful than the next. I feel like a kid who says, “I like this one best, No! I like this one best! No, this one!” Do I have to choose? love reading your work, Alix. I look forward to meeting you some day! hugs, pat

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will say that when a post says, From Tapping the Well Within, what I intended to say was that I pulled it from the book manuscript. (The book should be out in March.)

    However, I realized that, since this website has the same title, LOL, that I probably wasn’t being clear! So yes, Sunday was hugely productive, but this piece was written last summer when I was writing the book.
    Love and light,

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