This Billboard That is My Head

Whether we are conscious, unconscious, or somewhere in-between, our Spirit conspires with the rest of us to send us messages. Accidents, disasters, pain, anger, depression, even disease can be signals from our spirits to us, asking us to step more fully into our power, asking us usually to change something about what we are doing.

Lately, I get those messages in my head–quite literally. I get headaches when there is an energy I need to clear or something I need to address. Just now, in the meditation space, I asked, “Why does my head hurt?” The answer I got was interesting: my head hurts because I am constricting my space in an effort to keep myself safe. Constriction doesn’t really work, and the pain in my head invites me to release it and expand.

At other times, head pain can mean different things.  My spirit sends me messages in other ways, as well. Deep fatigue, sudden nausea, sudden muscle spasms, and violent mood swings can all be signals that there is energy somewhere that I need to address.

If you tune in to your body & emotions, you can learn to recognize what Spirit sends you when she wants you to pay attention. What are your red flags?

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One Response to This Billboard That is My Head

  1. kolembo says:

    I am working very slowly, on my spiritual growth. This year I’m concentrating on my meditating (with the Bhrama Kumaris), but I’m not doing very well yet. For me, my red flags are headache and fatigue.

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