Channeling the Words I Write

During my meditations, I receive poems from Spirit. They flow forth without my conscious will, and carry with them wisdom and insight about my spirit journey.  This process is a source of wonderment to me.

Why Me?

Why is it

That I get the words

As endless and weighty

As the final wishes flowing

From a medium’s lips?


How did my pen get hooked

To the firehose of Spirit


All I can do is write,

Until I am

As over-full and


As any piece of



Goddess Is My Muse

Goddess is my muse.

For her, I will sing

In my own raw voice.


Goddess is my muse.

She dreams,

And the words pour forth,

Fantastical, and luscious

As a warm ripe peach.


Goddess is my muse.

My pure alignment of

All bodies unto Spirit

Makes her words possible.


As Spirit Writes Through Me

As Spirit writes through me,

I am humbled,


Like wisdom through the marriage

Of guided and guides,

Am I just hear

To listen, to bring forth

These words that already


Perfect and polished

In the crystalline quiet

Of the perfect mind of God?

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2 Responses to Channeling the Words I Write

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    I am so glad that you raise the issue of channeling. I, too, experience writing, as well as other creative activities, as an opening up to allow Spirit to manifest, sometimes as a poem, a drawing, healing energy, etc. It is something that I have learned how to do anywhere, anytime, i.e., to step aside and let Spirit manifest through and with me. I believe that this is a gift to all life, certainly to humans. When it happens, I am the observer, or holder of the pen, in the case of writing poetry. And the “firehose of Spirit” is perfect for expressing the Force with which it comes, pun intended. We need only set the intention, connect, and step aside to allow. Beautiful series of poems, important topic. Thank you, Alix! hugs, pat

  2. Becca Givens says:

    “As Spirit Writes Through Me” — certainly resonates with me, Alix. When I try to write or paint without the meditation part of it … the allowing of Spirit to work through my pen or brushes – it is very dry and non-existent … when I step aside and let the paint or the ink flow – then I am amazed at the end result. Thank you for sharing. xoxoxo becca

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