Aries I Am/Was

This poem is about a past life of mine, as I Saw it in a recent meditation space. One of the big pieces I am working on is stepping out of ego into spirit. In this meditation, I asked to look at past lives that would help me understand the ego energy I carry.  This is what I got.

Aries is the god of war,

And I was Aries.

I rode through the army

On my warrior horse.

He raised me above

All those I passed,

Yet I guided him

With just one hand.


I feasted with kings,

My jeweled fingers flicking

Scraps to the war dogs,

Pounding my fists into the boards

In temper and humor alike.


Aries is the god of war,

And I was war,

Riding in the first flooding wave of death,

Afloat and aglitter with the prisms of light

From a thousand jewels on a thousand swords.


My soul-brother fell first,

Big feet flashing up,

Huge head like falling rock.

I wept, and my tears flowed

Into my breath and sweat,

Dragon-fire and determination

To cloud the cold clear day.


Aries is the god of ego

And I was ego, too.

Raised up by those beneath me,

Lifted to the sky in celebration

Like a flame or a toast

Of victory.


And when I died,

They laid me to repose

On the cold stone that now I was.

Around me rose the lamentation

Of the hundred souls served to me

To whom I was both bound and binder

To whom I was both anchor,

And whip,

And whose moorings now

Were loose, although they had burdened me

With myriad messages of hope,

Like mail for god.

And I mounted my spirit horse once more,

And went.

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