I have been gone these last

Few months.

Having swallowed confusion,

I birthed bewilderment.

The solid earth on which I stood

Calved like ice into the sea.

I, who like an arrow, must push forth

Now found myself befogged, adrift,


Traveling without my customary compass,

I could not see past

My fingertips.

Having no idea where I was going,

I could not write of it.

And then one day,

Still foggy, still adrift,

I realized I could embrace just that,

And write of it.

With acceptance came peace;

And with the peace came words.

And here I am still,

Writing with my eyes tight shut,

Strangely content.

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2 Responses to Journey

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Oh, Alix, I was listening to some new music that Sara sent me when you posted this poem. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. How beautifully you expressed what you have been going through. I, too, hit a wall in the past few weeks and last night during a strong work at church where we sang for four hours, suddenly the door opened and I walked though. These times are so important as they are expanding us, opening us, teaching us who we really are. Welcome back, and I personally thank you for sharing this because it helps me, too. I am still weeping but with a big smile on my face. much love, pat

    • Alix Moore says:

      Hi Pat,
      How lovely that we are both here doing our work at the same time, in front of our computers–are you drinking coffee? My dog is keeping me company, the chickens are singing spring songs, and here I am posting again. I so appreciate your support and Becca’s during my time away. There has been a big shift in my space, of which I will write over the following days. I needed to step out of my Aries ego self and find a new way to be. To motivate me, Goddess turned OFF the tap and my words stopped. Ouch. But here I am back, in a new energy, and all is well. All my love to you.

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