Prayer to Serve

My personal journey is about serving without needing validation, writing without needing praise, seeing myself without worrying about whether or how others see me. My Aries Amazon self needs to step back, fold inwards, and become a quiet part of a larger whole.  It is my job to fill myself with all of those things which I most desire to have. World will only give me what I want when I am no longer asking for it.

I can think this space but not yet be it.


Prayer to Serve


Toe does not celebrate itself

For how it holds the earth;

Heel does not praise itself

For pounding down.

Eyelids do not track the data of their blinks;

Lungs do not set quotas for their speed.


The body is.

It serves.


If my words become famous,

Let it merely be

That they are also here to serve,

And I,

Perhaps my job is something like

Cosmic pizza delivery man.

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2 Responses to Prayer to Serve

  1. Christina Cronk says:

    Your truth is refreshing, thank you for sharing.

  2. Pat Cegan says:

    You write with profound wisdom and then leave me laughing. I like that! These words I also love:

    World will only give me what I want when I am no longer asking for it.

    Need to think about this more. I believe that all we really need is within us waiting for us to decide what is truly important and then creating it with our intention.

    Lots of good things to ponder here. Thanks, Alix. hugs, pat

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