The Garden of Teaching

Like a gardener,

Teachers can

Choose a sunlit spot,

Feed the earth,

Be rain,

Rejoice in the dance

Of humming bees

And birds, and

Photograph the flowers.


But the flowers just are:

Being flowerness.

And the teachers can also just be:

Holding space for growth,

Holding space for light.


How simple.

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3 Responses to The Garden of Teaching

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    I needed this poem, Alix. I have been substitute teaching and just hating how we teach the children. It is boring and unimaginative, and filled with things they will never use. The world should be our classroom, each of us teachers and students as well. I expect the kids teach us more than we teach them. hugs, pat

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Hey Pat,
    I hate it too. I see how brightly our children are shining, and how much lower the vibration of their lessons are than their own bright shining selves. I am about over teaching. I think the whole concept is outdated!

  3. Alix Moore says:

    Sometimes the biggest lessons are so simple and somehow so hard. But if you can see it, you are halfway to being it.
    All my love,

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