Ego Explorations

Part of my spirit journey is to lay my ego body down, to curl it up inside my spirit, and to release its choke hold on my existence. Stepping out of ego means choosing not to compete, releasing my need to shine, stepping off the stage, not worrying about who likes me.  The list goes on and on. As with everything else in my journey, I explore this shift through my writing. Words are how I know.



My poems are born of Spirit.

I might wave them around at times,

Like a rock star slinging a guitar,

But neither the words nor the instrument

Can be blamed for that.



I will lay my ego down

Like a fur coat.

Beneath it I am small,



Now, everyone can see through me.

What if I am ugly?

Or not enough?

Stepping out from under ego

Lights up shame.

But Spirit knows no shame

Or fear,

Or so I tell myself,

Over and over,

Until I may believe.


Ego’s friend is effort

Trying to do


Working hard

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2 Responses to Ego Explorations

  1. Alix Moore says:

    I know you will get there–and life will be so much more comfortable when you leave this ego dynamic behind.
    Love and light on your path!

  2. Pat Cegan says:

    How well you express our struggle, Alix. The need to “do” is certainly a struggle I have. Sometimes I feel so happy just to BE, other times I feel guilty because “I’m not doing anything.” Crazy isn’t it. Thanks for sharing this…a good reminder for me. love coming your way. hugs, pat

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