Words Are How I Know

Words are the way

I know.

I wrote that some months ago, and I am only beginning to see how true it is. When I sink into the meditation space, I have access to a humongous toolbox of spiritual processes that allow me to see, examine, and clear information and programming that no longer serves me. I learned these tools from a variety of teachers, and they are good tools.  They work. I am grateful to have them.

In the end, however, words are how I know. My deepest revelations, my clearest spiritual ahas find voice and being in what I write. If I have written it, I get it.  If I get it, I have likely written about it.

And so I wonder if perhaps all these tools were just training wheels, until I could hear and understand the communications of my own specific soul.

And I also wonder, how do you know?

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2 Responses to Words Are How I Know

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Great question, Alix. How do I know? Well, certainly what I write reveals a lot to me, but I have only been writing since October. I have an inner voice that reveals things to me, sometimes, in a clear voice speaking, sometimes, in longings or urges that I have, sometimes in opportunities that present themselves. I also receive through visions in meditations, dreams, and just generally throughout the day. But one must learn to recognize and trust this process. Sometimes, I just simply KNOW…it is just there, that knowing. I have cultivated this for many years; when I began to pay attention to it, I doubted it, i.e., “just my imagination”, coincidence, etc. But over the years of consistently receiving that which I need to know for the stage I was at the time, has shown me that this Knowing is to be trusted and followed. Good write, Alix, you always leave me thinking. Hugs, pat

  2. Alix Moore says:

    So, Pat, what in October made you start writing?

    And how and where was your voice before that?

    Was it

    Whispering in the ears
    Of those you served
    Two-legged and four
    Carried by the wind
    Across only one

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