The New Earth Makes Ego Body Nervous

A big piece for me in this lifetime, and one I am still working through.


Ego Body


My ego body goes armored:

Greaves and shield,

Sword and coif.

Isn’t this a competition?

Don’t I have to fight for what I get?

Where’s the next challenge?


Ego body knows.

There are winners and losers,

More-ers and lessed.

It knows how strong I am,

And thinks we have been blessed.


But under its chain mail,

And padded leather gambeson,

Ego is sweating.

It watches me align with Spirit

In bleak incomprehension.

What does this mean?

Will Ego at last die?

Or at least be left for dead?



“You can’t do this without me!”

 He roars,

And beats his leather shield.

“Ungrateful bitch!

Where would you be without my help?”


I don’t yet see the answers,


That Ego, too, must choose

Whether or not to step

Into the crucible of coming change.


“Ego,” I tell him,

“I’m sure you get to come along

To the new Earth.

I just don’t know

Quite what that looks like.”


Ego is still depressed.

He sits on a stump,

And polishes his blades.

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2 Responses to The New Earth Makes Ego Body Nervous

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Sometimes I wonder if we are not being too accepting of this idea that our ego should be conquered, overcome, banished. Our egos serve a purpose that is not without merit. Perhaps we are accepting an unchallenged myth that ego must be held in check. Question all assumptions. Is salt really bad for you? Is high level of cholesterol in one’s blood really a health hazard? Are children born pure and only corrupted later? Is monogamy “right.” The list is endless. Just some thoughts, love, pat

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Great questions, Pat!
    How about, “All children must go to school!” Sometimes I question that!

    About Ego, I think the goal for me is to balance ego, to incorporate him into spirit so that he no longer drives the bus, but merely comes along for the ride.
    As an Aries, ego has often driven me, and I often can’t see it happening. So I’m trying to explore this energy which is so present in my life and so invisible to me, although I am sure not to those around me! LOL.

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