Creating God

The purpose of our creativity is to remind us of, and reunite us with, our divinity.

It is as if God, whatever mysterious metaphysical construct that name represents, as if god took a piece of his/her own light and offered it to us, and that light entered into our physical bodies and illuminated them. Or more precisely, enlivened them.

When we recognize that this energy/light that we call I is in fact just a small part of the godlight that flows within all things, then we know that we are connected to all of earth, and that we are safe.

Each of us is on the journey of this knowing. And as we travel, we find ways and means of touching this oneness, even though we may not be able or ready to fully embody our own light.

One such way is creativity.  In the throes of composition, in the media of words or paint or key signatures, we step into our own light. Thus the joy of creating that every artist knows. Thus also, the writer’s blocks and singer’s nodes, thus also the unconscious hectic rush of our daily lives that blocks our intercourse with the divine. For when we step into our light, everything in our lives is then under the spotlight of our own glory. Anything and everything about our lives becomes open to change. We stand, as it were, on the high bridge of our own glory, and we wonder what might happen if we jump.

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2 Responses to Creating God

  1. Alix Moore says:

    This post brings me the goosebumps of truth.

    • Pat Cegan says:

      Me, too! I must create. It immediately connects me with the I AM of us all. My creativity takes many forms but the connection is the same. We are creators, part of The Creator. I have an unshakable commitment to create with my Creator and allow this Divine to manifest through me. Well written and important message. Keep them coming, Alix, you are touching the lives of many. Hugs, pat

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