Change Can Look Like Death

“The dogwood died!” my partner exclaimed.  I looked out the window, and the lovely little dogwood in the flowerbed outside my bedroom was crisp– inarguably dead.  When did that happen?  And why? And as I wondered, Spirit spoke. I got goosebumps, and these words came.

Ode to a Dogwood


It’s time for change.

The dogwoods are leaving.

No longer in present time,

Their lovely petals will

Litter the lawns of memory,

Perfuming the old paths.


In their stead will come

New trees,

Species we have yet to conceive,

(Luckily, they know who they are!)

Trees whose flowers will be none

That we have ever seen,

Organisms of Light,

Independent of the cycle of

Life as we know it;

Immune even to


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2 Responses to Change Can Look Like Death

  1. Becca Givens says:

    goosebumps – indeed! xoxo

  2. Pat Cegan says:

    Interesting prophecy, Alix. After I read the Ringing Cedar Series, I discovered that I had a cedar tree growing in front of my house. I was thrilled as it is known worldwide for its healing energy and for its protection. I was astounded when it died for no apparent reason. Today, the new gardener showed me four new trees that had come from the mother tree before she died. I had not even realized that these were saplings from her. Trees hold much wisdom and energy. I will be interested to see what new species are coming. I expect that we will be able to communicate with them easier as we are evolving that way, too. Hugs, pat

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