When I Am Old

When I am old,

Let me be eternally grounded in the now

The past too weighty to remember,

(And besides, it’s gone),

The future as fragile as a bubble of soap.


When I am old,

Let me live each day in all the small ways—

In presence to the fragrance of my morning coffee,

Or the crunch and lift of my solitary lunch.

May the tree journeys outside my window pull me

From the mist of the semi-remembered,

Into an absolute understanding of the peace of time.


May my time march as it is given to go,

And may I hold fast my moorings,

Many years mindfulness in training perhaps

For these many now moments.

No denouement is possible

I am myself timeless

I am

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2 Responses to When I Am Old

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Lovely as always. Of course, the trick is how to decide when you are old. But what you wrote applys to all ages so guess that covers it. Every year, old seems further away for me. hugs, pat

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Hi Pat,
    That is an interesting question–how old is old? I was watching a gracious 87-year-old and thinking about how I would like to be when I am that age.

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