Spirit Is–Reflections On The Ways We Are Here In The World

I love it when I start my day with coffee and meditation and poems like this one, sent directly from Spirit.

Spirit is


Spirit is

The only piece of we that is




Physical body comes

With clear delineation.

We can

Push our limits and


But  we remain

Grounded in the ecoscape of us.


Mental body pings and zips,

Courses like terrier set free to hunt,

Flies over the planet in the quest for busyness.

Yet still, even our minds come home to rest.


Ego body is

A small noise in a vast space;

Beating the drum of feared significance.


Emotionally, we tsunami around with no boundaries:

Sharing our joy and pain like charity,

Learning to know better.


Yet Spirit, from that small huge place within,

Knows no time or space or lifetime limitations.

In Spirit we are one,

In Spirit, wise.

In Spirit we swim always in the sea of joy,

Bathed in the light of planets,

Carrying neither edges, nor regrets.

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2 Responses to Spirit Is–Reflections On The Ways We Are Here In The World

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    sighs…nods of “yes” and a tiny whisper of “thank you” for this lovely message. hugs, pat

  2. Alix Moore says:

    hugs back to you!

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