Want To Change Your Life? Write Your Book

I am writing a book.  Have written it, in fact, and the world can go to Amazon and buy it. People ask me, “What’s your book about?” and I tell them. But I don’t tell them that it’s really about my spirit journey. Its deepest purpose is to let me stand in the light of my truth and own it. The book is here because of all the past lives where my truth was not allowed to be spoken. It speaks for me  now and for all the other oracles, healers, and witches whose truths have also been repressed. It rings with a passionate purpose that has been in me for many lifetimes and which only now gets to come out in safety.

The road to the book has been fifty years in the making.  There has been the fog of confusion, a mist of shifting shapes. I have had to look myself in the ego eyes and let go of my own determination. I have learned to love myself, to honor what I have written first, and only let someone else read it after that. I have grown softer and tougher at the same time.  I have released my resentments towards old teachers, childhood wounds, and in-laws. I might even choose to wear a skirt for the first time this century.

And as my book goes forth and I read it to groups of folks who may or may not have any inkling of what they’re getting themselves into, I will continue to practice loving myself. Each reading night I will practice holding my space. I will remember that your reaction is just that—your reaction, and it really has very little to do with me.

So if you have a book in you that has been trying to come out, go write it.  I can already see what it will be about.

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One Response to Want To Change Your Life? Write Your Book

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    I honor you for honoring yourself. Good luck on your book and the journey it takes you on. Hugs, pat

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