See to Write: An Exercise for Psychic Writers

Try this, if you so choose. Pick an object, any object, from those that surround you. A piano bench, a feather, an old book, a tree: you choose the item, or let it choose you. If the object is small enough, you may choose to hold it, but touch is not necessary, although sometimes it helps. Sit or stand with your feet flat on the ground and close your eyes. Connect with the object you have chosen, and allow the words to come.

When I tried this exercise I chose a feather I had been given by a red-shouldered hawk, and a small, warm potato from the home garden.  In this post and the next I will share their wisdom.

Potato (1)


Round in your hand like dirt,

Or round like rock,

I am the sun

Come into Earth

And growing.


The proof is

If you place me in the light

My color shifts—Divine


Or if

You rest me in the dark

I may remain

Patient, and even perhaps

Truly delicious.


Potato (2)


Potato is

A transient pebble.

Complete unto itself, yet full

With memories of root and vine

Replete, connected,

Soft in your hand

And comforting.


Potato says

I carry within me

That eternal circle of light.

My purpose is either

To grow or to

Be eaten.

Either is fine

Either is sufficient

To this incarnate time.


Free potato wisdom,

And you are

Most welcome of it.



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3 Responses to See to Write: An Exercise for Psychic Writers

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  2. Pat Cegan says:

    charming, made me smile…all from a humble potato. Sometimes my guides give me i am given an object to write about that make absolutely no sense. But sure enough, after I write the word at the top a the page, the rest just flows out of my pen. Lovely exercise. Thanks for sharing it. hugs, pat

  3. Alix Moore says:

    thanks, pat! Hope all is well with you.

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