Hate Teaches

I find that my poetry goes in strands, that the same topics float up, over and over, as I work through my understanding of them. (Or, as Pat Cegan would say, they are my spiral lessons.)

One piece that I am working on is seeing clearly how those who appear to bring darkness are  truly still working in the service of light.  We each have our spirit roles to play, and if it helps move the collective consciousness forward, we often agree to be the “bad guys.” Really, though, there are no bad guys. It just looks that way.


Hate Teaches

Hate teaches.

Therefore send

Gratitude and roses

To those who live hate.

Ineffable pieces of the master plan,

We need them.

Without the genocide of greed, without

Death and other evil saints,

No change would flow.


Hate heals.

Therefore send

Prayers and payments to

Those whose role it is to

Plan and persecute.

Without them, truly,

It would be us

Wearing the Kalashnikovs

In honor of

The bright optimism

Of all our races.

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