See Me

Yes, see me.

See the sadness that I wear

Like clothing for

This lifetime.

See how I have suffered

Waiting for you to learn

The lessons we agreed upon.

See how I have suffered

Waiting for myself to learn.


I have chosen sadness,





So that by my example

You might choose to shine.



I have been the wallpaper

You would never pick

For your own walls.

I have been energy you can hardly bear

To visit.

Yet I have done this for you,

And for myself, of course,

And for this planet,

And for our journey

Of wonder.

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3 Responses to See Me

  1. Such depth, sadness, regret even, but immense joy too, at the mystery of life.

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Ahhh, I forgot to clarify—I am not speaking in my own voice, but as I see another person who is connected to my life. Her sadness, my joy, I think. My challenge to see the pain and stop trying to fix it. If it’s not my pain, it’s not mine to heal. This is a hard lesson for me.

    However, the poem also just stands for itself. Thanks, daydreamer, for your comment.

  3. becca givens says:

    It is good to see you posting again! 🙂

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