What years resonate for you as hot-button years?  When something lights me up, it often connects back to the year I was three. I don’t consciously remember much about that year, but as issues come up I look at them in the meditation space, and then I clear them out. Maybe soon I won’t have a three left, I’ll just skip ahead to four!


At three I began to be me

To walk a path that wasn’t


Neither shared nor parallel

But free-winging into my own

Fantastical universe.


At three I heard voices,

Saw spirits,

Chatted with the dead.

“No, no, no!” you said,

And I believed you.


At three I remembered how

This world is a wondrous space

With no pain, and no limits.

But that was not your path,

Or your permission,

And so you called me back,

Holding me with anchors of

Compassion and of doubt,

Weight of responsibilities both

Mistaken, and ageless.

At three I said,

“I guess not.”

I turned my back

Pacing your reality

Until my wings hardened ,

Until my feet grew light,

Until I knew I walked on spirit,

If not water.

And now,

I can look back

And know

It was just the road to light,

This wisdom tempered in guilt,

This freedom flown from the shackling of should.


Now, at fifty most,

I can look back and know these things for sure:

First, that I am truly grateful.

Second, that I love you.

And third, that I am ready to

Leave three behind completely.

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2 Responses to Three

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Beautifully told as always. How true that our culture stifles us as children. Why do we say that people who live in other realities have mental illnesses? Is there no way of loving them, helping them function in our reality when that is truly necessary, and accepting their reality without judgement? Children are highly intuitive and have that squashed so early. Thanks for this special poem that so beautifully challenges us to look at this. Hugs, pat

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Thanks as always for your comments, Pat!

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