From Fear to Freedom

Fear Not

The first steps away from fear

Bring, predictably,

More fear to light.


If I cease to comb the fur of my anxieties,

What fleas will overrun my life?


Peace is a great thing in my brain,

But my body at midnight knows different.

The pit roils,

My belly is not convinced.


Fear cannot be hammered out of your way.

Instead, you might try this.

Hold a three-way conversation with

Spirit, fear, and self.

Drink decaf latte at Starbucks,



“What purpose do you hold, fearsome?

What are you here to teach?”


You may know the answer already,

Or it may be startling to see

That the purpose of fear is not survival,

But growth,

Like river slowed endlessly by swamp until it finds

The eternal expansion of ocean,

An explosion of brine.


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One Response to From Fear to Freedom

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    I never thought of myself as a fearful person, but do see that there are things, often vague and poorly defined fears, or truly unsubstantiated fears, that lie within. I have learned that, as you point out so beautifully in your poem, fear can be a great teacher. I like your idea of just asking the fear what the lesson is. As always, you make me think, Alix. I thank you for that. hugs, pat

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