Will Your Self-Esteem Let You Meditate?

This poem was inspired by a friend who recently discovered that yes, she was worth it.

Meditation Space

The sign says,

“Enter in peace,”

And peace is my destination.


But wait,

I trail

Streamers of anxiety,

To-do’s and should’s

Rising like fog,

The fine mist of fear

That is often with me.


How may I enter these rooms

Where peace is known

Where judgment and condemnation

Are left like shoes

Beyond the door?


The answer is both simple

And also huge

I may just park my own calamities

Beside the boot tray,

Leave my shopping bag of fret

On the front step.


OK, that’s better.

Now I may come in.

And for how long?

How many tranquil minutes

Do I deserve?

How long before my basket of stuff

Quacks like a duck,

Louder than my conviction

That I am worth this?

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One Response to Will Your Self-Esteem Let You Meditate?

  1. Boot Tray says:

    Spiritual teacher Alix Moore invites you to step into your creative genius and learn to write from the deepest,on this blog…

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