Old Knees

Old Knees



I carry in my knees

The weight of the world on my shoulders

I carry those

Whom I do not perceive as capable

Of travelling their own road.


Lifetimes have I stood here in this ego space

Guru to seekers whom I saw as weak.

Weak calls to weak!

How fragile then my sense of Spirit

How little trust

In godmankind.




Exhale uncertainty and deep conceit

Empty my knees of pain,

Of other people’s luggage


Curbside pickup

Free of charge

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One Response to Old Knees

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    These made me applaud, laugh, and shake my head as I have to raise my hand and say, “Guilty.” Not only am I guilty, I had to have a total knee replacement a few years ago. Lots of wisdom here, as always. Hugs, pat

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