Two Earths, One Journey

I have been chatting with the planet lately in the meditation space. (It’s easy–anyone can do it.)  This poem and those to follow came from the great lady herself. Her vision, my words.



The Earth shows me that the planet

Is at this time twinned,

Like a patchwork of

Busy, busy, busy, still.

There are those who do—

Running races against themselves,

Crashing against in mistaken


Jumping higher and higher with their hands


And there are those who be—

Pockets of utter calm

Standing with the trees,

Travelling with the children.

We are all beings.

Some of us hide it in the mask of do

But this still place of love

Is our evolution.

Ahh!  I see it!

There is no schism between

Darwinian God.

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