Creating Heaven on Earth: Calling All Artists

Creativity is, and has always been, the purest expression of our divinity. When we create, whether in words, or music, or stone, or science, we give Spirit a voice, a body, a momentary incarnation. For those who are not conscious of their innate divinity, making or experiencing art invites awakening. Not for nothing do we say that music feeds the soul.


As a creator, what we are creating is a small piece of heaven of earth. Each time we reach into Spirit and anchor it in our words or images, we have aligned god with earth inside our own bodies. For that small moment, in that one place, the duality is healed and heaven does exist on earth. And as our art goes forth to touch the lives of others, the divine union spreads. Like dew, or rain, one day there will be enough, and the skies will open, and it will rain god.

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