Living Light

Death comes to those who bring light.

In the past, it came early and often,

Riding into the dawn valley through the mist,

Bearing the sword of fear,

Leaving behind another life paid to learning.

Those days are not over, but leaving.

Our souls are choosing to be light and stay living.

Yet still there is fear.

Fear of travelling lonesome,

Of change,

Of paying the price of place

For our enlightening.


You can’t have it all

Is a myth

Humanity has suckled on,

A not-truth designed

To keep us dim.

But now our lights are rising:

We come awake.

Our spirits lead us through the swamps

Of our own limitations

On the path to the greatness

We have always been.

This time around we can remain

Embodying truth

Walking the life road with a planet

Who is herself deciding to remain,

To stay in skin

And yet be huge

Without remorse

Or hiding.

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2 Responses to Living Light

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    So beautiful, Alix, and such an important message to share. Thank you. I visited your new blog and it is super. I love the header. Talk to you soon, hugs, pat

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the feedback, and for popping over to I’m so excited about that site and some of the new things I plan.

    As for this poem, I hit this fear energy a lot as I step out into the world as spirit-in-a-body. I keep reminding myslef, as I wrote elsewhere, that this is not the lifetime in which I will die for being Light. Although, who knows? But I don’t think so. I think this is the lifetime for living light, in some ways much the harder task.

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