Do You Have the Courage to Meditate?

Developing a daily meditation practice is an act of courage. How much courage it requires can be measured by the number of those who attempt to learn to meditate, only to give up in despair of their own overwhelming anxiety or mental hyperactivity.

Why is meditation courageous?

Because it requires of us that we sit in daily communion with our own divinity. As we sit in silence, we become aligned with the godnessĀ that is in us as in all things. That part of us that is always connected to the all-that-is awakens, and steps forward. Once awake, it may doze, but it never truly returns to slumber. We have set foot on the path to light; we are becoming enlightened.

And the more one sits in awareness, connected to earth through the feet and to heaven through the crown chakra, the more the dark corners of the self are lit, and dusted, and de-cobwebbed. And this light, and clearing, and utter silence brings with it change. The edges of our world shift, and the blossoming of things may terrify.

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