Full Moon, New Earth

Full moon,

New earth,

And still my words pour forth.

Crown aflame

With the candles of my soul

Lifetimes have I travelled to this

Moment to keep this knowledge safe:

That like a phoenix from the ash

Of her own greed,

Humanity will from turmoil rise again.


Earth cannot support

So many at one time again,

And so fewer will come back,

And more depart,

And those that remain

Have soul-sworn

To do this work

To move forward the collective plan

To witness

And to be

The change.

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2 Responses to Full Moon, New Earth

  1. fhhakansson says:

    I really like the message I got from this poem – that one needs to be in charge and change what is around us to transcend our humanity. The second stanza got me thinking of Soylent Green, for some reason, even though one can barely link the two together.

  2. Alix Moore says:

    LOL (the capital letters represent a big belly laugh!)
    Soylent Green is where my partner always says we will end up if we don’t get it right! So personally, we grow chickens, cows, vegetables . . . I have been getting so many clear messages that NOW is the time to choose how to be on the planet–and that we might want to choose carefully!
    Thanks so much for visiting.

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