Turn Back the Clock?

When I was twenty, I was thin,

But truly I did not love myself.

When I was twenty, my energy was boundless,

My boundaries non-existent.

When I was twenty, I thought marriage was

Just there,

Permanent and immutable as granite.

I did not know that each issue

Solved between us was

A blossom on the tree of spirit.

In fact,

When I was twenty I did not know


Neither the deep joy of self-love

Or the euphoric connection

With all-that-is.

Now I am older, wiser,

More joyous, more aware,

Part of the flow and ebb

Of evolution:





 With our advice you can

Turn back the clock,

The ad proclaimed.

Whatever for?

Each day I give thanks

For these fruits of my path:


Self, and


I would not trade this wisdom in

For all the years again

I took to get here.

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