Teach to Feed a Soul

Teach the young

The way their souls hunger

To learn.

Teach them that they, too,

Are awakeners,

Part of the dance of planets

Since the dawn of time.

Their small bright hearts

Cry out for a new way

While we, gatekeepers

Decide whether to honor them

Or whether to push them down

Yet one more time

And wait another generation

For Earth’s transformation.


Arabian Spring pales beside

Dawn of the Children

Do what we may—

One day they will rise.

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2 Responses to Teach to Feed a Soul

  1. Hi Alix, this poem speaks not only to me but also to my children. I understand exactly what you are writing about and I am so happy to have found you. I have been writing and painting now, on demand, for about three years. At first it was at 3:00 am, but not so much any more, I have more control over it now. It’s like you have written about my children in a few of your poems. Some of my son’s work is on my blog, he writes from a place very deep within. My younger son, Mark (8) is wise beyond his years. It is challenging in this world to keeping them open, but I must! I have also written about this on my blog “1st Diagnosis”. I have two teenage girls, who are wonderful, but have been influenced by the superficial worldly ways, my challenge is to bring them back…
    I too am passionate about bringing creativity out in people. I think we are all creative beyond what we know.
    I found you through Pat, I am finding all sorts of treasures from following her blog.
    I look forward to following your blog.


  2. Alix Moore says:

    It’s so great to find kindred spirits! Welcome aboard.

    You know, it’s so interesting to me what is happening with children. I look at this a lot in my meditation space, partly because one of my pathways is teaching children. Currently, schools are a place where we tame children, but children are beginning to refuse to be tamed, aren’t they?
    I invite you to check out my teaching blog at http://theconsciousclassroom.com/

    As far as your daughters, you might choose to remember that everyone has their own life path to walk, and we each set up our lives in a way that supports the lessons we are here to learn in this lifetime.

    Blessings on your path,

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