News from the Land of Light

Well, it has been some time since my last post.  Sometimes I step away from this space because I am busy with others aspects of my life (farming and teaching), and sometimes when I am not here it is because I am receiving so much new information from spirit that I can’t catch up with myself to post it.  This absence has been for both reasons, but here I am back with much to share.

First, I have gotten clear guidance about what I am to do in 2012. I will be sharing information in several areas.  One of my core missions is to help people learn to meditate and to incorporate a meditation practice into their daily lives. In addition, I will continue to share information from Grandmother Eagle through the Eagle Project which, hmm, needs a new name.  I’m not clear on that yet, so stay tuned.

If these projects interest you, you need to join my mailing list to stay in the loop for all of them, as I will not be posting all strands of information in this space–some of it will be through email updates.  Please click here to join my mailing list. If for any reason that link  does not work, I invite you to contact me at alix (at) tapping the well within (dot) com (This email address was written to block spam–remove spaces and use correct symbols to email me.)

Wishing you a light-filled holiday season!


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