Hearing the Voice of God

Many people believe that the purpose of meditation is to quiet or empty the mind. I disagree. I meditate for two reasons. The first is to clear my energy, of which I have written before and which I will revisit again in my upcoming Eagle Meditation series.  I also meditate so that I can hear. I listen in the silence of my quiet mind to hear the voice of my own spirit, the voice of earth, even the voice of god.

Listening is a very different space than emptiness, although a quiet mind does make it easier to hear.  Next time you sit in silence, consider opening your listening ears.  You may hear yourself, and it may surprise you.

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4 Responses to Hearing the Voice of God

  1. I totally understand this Alix. When I first started my meditation practice, I had to work very hard at learning how to quiet my mind. Now that I have that part figured out I can hear the voice or the message that is coming through. Like everything in life, this seems to have been a learned process for me.

    • Alix Moore says:

      Hi Jackie,
      I agree- meditation is a habit and, like any habit, requires practice to become second nature. I wonder, how do you meditate? There are so many styles and they each work somewhat differently, so I’d be interested to hear what works for you.

  2. Pat Cegan says:

    Well penned important message. Hope you are having a lovely holiday season. Best wishes for a peaceful new year. Skype me when you see me online and have a few minutes to chat. Hugs, pat

  3. Alix Moore says:

    Hugs back, and happy new year. 2012 is going to blow our socks off!

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