Write to Heal, Write to Save the World

There are many experts and much advice for writers: do this, don’t do that, make yourself, don’t let yourself. And while I am sure that these words are well-meant and work for some, I would like to offer a different point of view. I believe that writing is an act of creating, or uncovering, truth and that when we write from this foundation of truth, it is deeply healing. Each of us, in one self or another, writes to save the world.

It’s very frustrating to be told: There are no universal truths. Find your own inherent integrity. Yet when we accept another person’s dictates about how we should write, we give up some of our own power and light to that person, we implicitly surrender to the concept that the other knows best for us. As a teacher, believing that I know best for my students is the deepest invalidation I can offer them. So, have we established that I know nothing and that the only expert on this page is you for you and me for myself?  If so, we can proceed.

Writing is healing, and when we take the full power of our creative art, we initiate a process that heals us, and through our words, reflects back healing to the earth around us.  Standing in the wisdom of our own knowledge of healing requires courage. Each person’s courage cup looks quite different, and that is the challenge and the beauty of it. If we write how and why and for whom we mean to write, we may scare ourselves but we are also electric with the joy of it.

So I invite you: throw out the manuals, the how to’s, the books on attracting the best agent or editor, and sit down in silence with your feet flat on the floor and your heart open to your own wisdom. What is it you most deeply desire to write?  You don’t even have to know the answer, just put the pen to paper and start, and sooner or later your mission will take shape. Write from your own wisdom, in despite of anyone else’s words, especially mine, and see what comes of it.

I wish you joy on your journey,


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One Response to Write to Heal, Write to Save the World

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Beautiful write and full of wisdom. Thank you, Alix. I send you much love and light and best wishes for a peaceful New Year. hugs, pat

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