Eagle Wisdom for 2012

Grandmother Eagle has a message for the new year:


It’s time to step back into the flow of all that is.

With the advent of technologies of all kinds, beginning with the wheel, wo/mankind has been stepping away from our natural connection with the all that is.

This loss of connection creates a deep, inner, often unconscious anxiety.  To still the voice of fear we run harder, eat more, buy more, own more, strive to have more. All these things place layers of possessions and technology between us and the all. And so the cycle rolls.

Peace is yours for the asking, but to receive it you are required to reconnect. And to reconnect you may have to shed a few layers of your modern skin.  Who knows what treasure lies buried in the tar sands of our lives?

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One Response to Eagle Wisdom for 2012

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    True and wise words, Alix. How unaware we are of our Mother Earth, of our own cycles, of each other. For me, silent walks in the floresta reconnects me with the Earth and my inner being. Thanks for the reminder of how important this is. hugs, pat

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