Body Wisdom

My body knows what to do when it comes into this space. I sit down, with my back comfortably supported, my feet flat on the floor, and my herbal tea steaming lightly in front of me. Before I even begin the formal grounding process, my body begins to let go. My eyes water, I yawn, my whole spine releases the tension of the day. An immense sense of wellbeing engulfs me.

This deep connection to myself has developed over the three years I have been creating the meditation habit. Three years of decidedly imperfect practice, of missed days and timed sessions, yet through it all a commitment to the pleasure of this act, this time when I commune with myself and not even the telephone is allowed to interrupt.

But don’t take my word for it—take yours. This might be a habit you will decide to cultivate, if you desire tranquility and the deep healing of truly embodying your own spirit.

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