Center Point

I sit

At the center of myself.

My intention begins

At a tiny point of light

Deep within

The balanced center of the middle

Of my head;

And from

That set point

My energy flows out in waves

Concentric and electric both.

This point inside my head

Contains all the wisdom

Of the universe,

And my wisdom.

It holds

All the light there is,

And my light.

My information beats

Like the wings of a dove

Like my own heart—

Infinite and infinitesimal,

Anchored and free.

My attention begins

In a tiny point of light

Exactly in the center

Of my head.


About Alix Moore

Alix Moore is a soul healer, a soul teacher, and a powerful channel for the wisdom and healing of the Archangels. She is passionate about helping lightworkers learn and heal so that they can fully embody their god/dess selves and fulfill their missions to serve and support the evolution of planet. Connect with Alix at
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One Response to Center Point

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Anchored yet free. Perfect!

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