Wise Girls Are Those Who Know

The Wise Girls have shown me

That one can be very young

And still know pain

That suffering begins

At an early age.

These girls who are

Radiant goddess’ children,

Before even their bodies have begun to bleed

In rhythm with the moon,

Already they have come to know


Dark thrown like dirt

Across their radiant selves.

Oh, not too soon, too soon

To teach self-worth

To find the holes our teachers

To stand in our truths

To heal ourselves to wholeness

To become our bright unblemished selves!

Wise girls who stand with me

I am the teacher now, though also taught,

Soon you will walk

Away from here, you will

Stride out upon the earth

Carrying the seeds of your own germination

Wearing the rainbows of your worth

And may you go with light,

Flying the flags of our lessons.

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One Response to Wise Girls Are Those Who Know

  1. Hi Alix,
    I take your point, I love it when someone accuses me of playing like a girl because these days’ girls play a lot tougher than when I was growing up. Title IX was just making an impact on athletic programs when I was in school. In 1972 when Title IX, a federal law requiring high schools and colleges that receive federal funds to provide equal opportunities for male and female students, was established it didn’t need to be fair. The boys had several sport options and the girls were cheerleaders. Even then I knew I was not cut out to be a cheerleader.
    Good Job!

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