Birthday Blessings for All

As some of you know, I had a birthday recently.  In my meditation that day, I visited the space I call the “Room of Gods and Angels.” In this room, I connect safely with entities that have messages for me.  I received these birthday blessings from the angels and ancestors, and truly, they are gifts for all of us who are alive and awake on the planet at this time, so my guidance was to share them with you all.

In addition, just for fun, if you have a birthday coming up or just passed, and you want your own messages from spirit, drop me a comment and I will go fetch them for you.




Birthday Gifts

 I give you the gift

Of knowing yourself

Without shame

           Or blame

           Or ego.


I give you the gift of joyous

Exuberance that fills your days

With light.


I give you the gift of the flowers

Of your own soul, to pick or

Savor as you choose.


I give you the gift of passion,

Love, and peace.

With these three,

Humans can live as gods.


I give you the gift of time, which

Flows without ending,

And which is not your enemy.


I give you the gift of ego,

Part of the force of life.

Be well, be at peace



About Alix Moore

Alix Moore is a soul healer, a soul teacher, and a powerful channel for the wisdom and healing of the Archangels. She is passionate about helping lightworkers learn and heal so that they can fully embody their god/dess selves and fulfill their missions to serve and support the evolution of planet. Connect with Alix at
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2 Responses to Birthday Blessings for All

  1. What a beautiful poem Alix. I especially like the last stanza in that you embrace the ego, it really is the only way to go since resistance or denial don’t work.

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Thanks, Jackie.
    Understanding and accepting ego–like so many things, a two-edged sword. A life lesson I am still working on.
    Thanks for your comment.

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