Do You Need Help Hearing the Divine?

It’s so important at this time that we all step into our power to hear our own spirits and receive the divine guidance we need to support our growth.  Yet sometimes, it’s hard to hear our own stuff clearly.  If you are feeling confused or stuck about what the divine is asking of you, I am here to help.  Here’s how it works.

  • You ask me for the help you need, either through leaving me a comment below this post, using the Contact Alix page, or by emailing me directly at In the contact, give me your full name and tell me where you are stuck or ask your question.
  • Give me three or four days to get back to you (hopefully it won’t take that long)
  • I won’t charge you for the reading but I ask you to balance the karma in three ways: Decide what part of the reading resonates most strongly with you, act on the information, and report back how things change or shift for you
  • If you choose, you can then ask again and I will look again
  • If this process supports your journey, I would appreciate a few words of positive feedback that I have permission to share with others

As always, love and light on your path,



About Alix Moore

Alix Moore is a soul healer, a soul teacher, and a powerful channel for the wisdom and healing of the Archangels. She is passionate about helping lightworkers learn and heal so that they can fully embody their god/dess selves and fulfill their missions to serve and support the evolution of planet. Connect with Alix at
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