Jesus Speaks to the New Earth

I, raised an atheist, am surprised to find that Jesus is one of spirit guides. He teaches so that I may learn, and gently pokes fun at my ego self. Here’s what he said the other day: his wisdom in my words.

Jesus’ message was not of pain, he didn’t feel pain.

Being entirely aligned with Light, Light was all he could experience.

So he hung there against the earth and sky

To show us that we were also Light,

That if he could be so fully present

In his god self

As to transcend that punishment,

Then so also could we.

It was a testament to the magic of the universe.

And some of us got it,

Prophets and seers were born—

There were those who listened and those

Whose ears were not yet formed.

Jesus spoke,

And the sleepers heard but faintly

A distant truth.

They thought they heard this world was pain

And heaven the payment for it;

That suffering and sin defined us and set the price;

That compared to Jesus, we were lesser souls.

But those slumberous folks misheard.

And now, having lit

Two thousand candles on our collective birthday cake,

It’s time to try again.

To align ourselves with the true message

From that far time of Christ:

That we are love, and love alone,

With a fair sprinkling of magic

And hope,

And any miracles that Jesus did

Are both our birthright

And our inheritance.


About Alix Moore

Alix Moore is a soul healer, a soul teacher, and a powerful channel for the wisdom and healing of the Archangels. She is passionate about helping lightworkers learn and heal so that they can fully embody their god/dess selves and fulfill their missions to serve and support the evolution of planet. Connect with Alix at
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