About Alix

Alix & Raynetta

Alix’s full name is Alice Anne Moore. Several years ago, at a pivotal moment in a spiritual workshop, she realized that her Spirit’s name was Alixander. Since that time, she has chosen to go by Alix. Family and friends, of course, are welcome to use any name they choose. 

Alix is…

a teacher. Her passion is supporting struggling students as they learn to read and write.  She believes that every child can learn–with no limits and no exceptions. She supports parents and teachers as they learn to help the children they love succeed in school and in life.

an animal “trainer.” Currently, she is working primarily with dogs and their families, helping to sort out behavioral issues using a wide range of holistic healing and training modalities. She believes that all dogs can live joyfully and in peace with their human families. Alix has also had many years of experience riding, training, and teaching horses and their people.

a writer. She has written poems and personal narratives all her life, and recently has expanded into other areas of non-fiction.

a traveller on the path to living fully as Spirit in a body in this lifetime. It is her passion and her purpose to be a witness and a guide for others who are also journeying as lightworkers on the planet at this time.


5 Responses to About Alix

  1. Jacki says:

    please read for me!

  2. Christina Cronk says:

    It’s nice to meet you Alix. My soulname is Skye. I haven’t met anyone else who has known their soulname before. It’s…. refreshing. 🙂

  3. Alix Moore says:

    Hello Skye Lady. It is great to meet you, too. Your work resonates with my pen.

  4. Sharmishtha says:

    seems like you live a beautiful, fulfilling life. may god enhance your spirit and capability to its zenith and more.

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