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Love Your Body: A Healing Meditation

I know so many people who are struggling with physical healing at this time on the planet. For them, and for the wounds of self-criticism we all carry, here is a healing meditation. Namaste, Alix Advertisements

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Follow My Voice: Intro to Healing Meditation

It’s hard to meditate while continually peeking at the written directions, isn’t it?  And I have written much about meditation on this blog, all the while knowing that what I needed to share was audio recordings. In today’s podcast, I … Continue reading

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How Do You Stand?

Busy, busy, busy.  Gotta do this, remember that, go there.  Worry worry worry.  What about him?  What about her?  That situation.  What if?  If these or other patterns of thought run through your mind, if you feel there isn’t enough … Continue reading

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Body Wisdom

My body knows what to do when it comes into this space. I sit down, with my back comfortably supported, my feet flat on the floor, and my herbal tea steaming lightly in front of me. Before I even begin … Continue reading

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I found this piece on my computer this morning.  It was written in a warmer month, when the trees actually held leaves.  I don’t think I ever shared it. If I did, then here it is insisting on being shared … Continue reading

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Meditation Caveat Emptor

People can be afraid to meditate because they are afraid to change. It’s true: Meditation allows you to see your own wisdom. Insight can bring reevaluation, which can lead to the decision to make changes. But what happens if you … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Silence: A Meditation Invitation

Meditation is so important in my life, and yet I hear so many people say that they want to learn to meditate but that they can’t. It’s hard to read about meditation and to practice doing it at the same … Continue reading

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