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Who Holds Your Soul?

The power of Spirit is frightening To one who has locked That power away To one who has given the chains And the keys To his innermost self Away. Who holds those keys? Who pockets that power? Is it god? … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Silence: A Meditation Invitation

Meditation is so important in my life, and yet I hear so many people say that they want to learn to meditate but that they can’t. It’s hard to read about meditation and to practice doing it at the same … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block? Or Something Else?

How is your creativity flowing?  Are you creating, or stuck? Do you share your work, or are you convinced that it’s not worth sharing? Creativity is our divine birthright, and writer’s block is just a message from Spirit that something … Continue reading

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Creating God

The purpose of our creativity is to remind us of, and reunite us with, our divinity. It is as if God, whatever mysterious metaphysical construct that name represents, as if god took a piece of his/her own light and offered … Continue reading

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Words Are How I Know

Words are the way I know. I wrote that some months ago, and I am only beginning to see how true it is. When I sink into the meditation space, I have access to a humongous toolbox of spiritual processes … Continue reading

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Love Your Own Work First: Take the Self-Validation Challenge

If you blog, you know that moment when you push the “publish” button and send a new piece out into the world to be read. Whether that piece is a poem, a song, or a piece of art, blogging allows … Continue reading

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