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Writing God

As I was considering which poem to share this morning, I noticed that the word god was in almost every poem I was considering. God is a loaded word, and one I was not comfortable with for many years.  Even now, it’s … Continue reading

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Write to Heal, Write to Save the World

There are many experts and much advice for writers: do this, don’t do that, make yourself, don’t let yourself. And while I am sure that these words are well-meant and work for some, I would like to offer a different … Continue reading

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And so I am here . . . and I know why

This is a true story. In fact, there is truth (albeit my truth) in everything I post on this blog. I have always struggled to define my purpose here. I know my passion is writing, but to what end? Each … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee

Each day begins With drinking the morning coffee Of my soul. Awake, I remember what I intend: That my words go out into the world Like birds Like light Like healing benedictions, While I, I let them.

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See to Write: An Exercise for Psychic Writers

Try this, if you so choose. Pick an object, any object, from those that surround you. A piano bench, a feather, an old book, a tree: you choose the item, or let it choose you. If the object is small … Continue reading

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Want To Change Your Life? Write Your Book

I am writing a book.  Have written it, in fact, and the world can go to Amazon and buy it. People ask me, “What’s your book about?” and I tell them. But I don’t tell them that it’s really about … Continue reading

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The Egg of Me: A Meditation for Creative Spirits

We all have a tendency to spend our energy outside ourselves, to send streamers of us off into the ether to support and connect with loved ones and wounded places. Yet the greatest gift we can offer the planet is to … Continue reading

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